Dutch restaurants

Restaurant Moeders

Traditional Dutch dishes served in a cozy living room style restaurant. The walls in this restaurant are completely covered with picture frames of mothers. A must when visiting Amsterdam in our opnion!

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Don’t let the name of this restaurant fool you, they serve a modern Dutch cuisine. The chef/owner loves local, sustainable and Dutch ingredients. He will take you on a culinary journey through the Netherlands.


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‘T Zwaantje

No-nonsense local favorites in a classic brown café. Sit between the older generation Dutch people and enjoy the experience.


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D’vijff Vlieghen

Elegant Dutch dishes in a served in a modern way. The chef exclusively works with local poducts


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Haesje Claes

Exclusively Old-fashioned Dutch food in six historical buildings. It feels like you travel back in time when visiting this restaurant.


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Restaurant Greetje

Restaurant Greetje is the place to be to enjoy elevated Dutch cuisine with a ‘gezellige’ local vibe. Greetje’s creations are rooted in traditional Dutch cookbooks and in Greetje’s archive of recipes that were passed on from generation to generation. Originality is the thread that connects everything at Greetje, from the ingredients to the personal and friendly service.


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Van Dobben

If you want to try a  traditional croquette sandwich ‘’broodje kroket’’ this is the place to visit. It does not get more local than this old family diner, which is over 70 years old.


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Wilde Zwijnen

This restaurant focusses on authentic dutch dishes with quality seasonal products. The atmosphere in the restaurant is modern and cozy.


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