French restaurants

Cafe Caron

A place in the heart of Amsterdam where you always feel at home, even if you don't know anyone. The atmosphere is relaxed, the food tastes good and the wine flows generously. The basis is the rich French cuisine in all its simplicity: beautiful seasonal products prepared with knowledge and love in a single dish or an extensive dinner. Reservation is highly recommended as they are always fully booked. 


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Auberge Jean & Marie

A restaurant and wine bar where guests can enjoy the craftsmanship / expertise from the kitchen and the wine cellar plus experience excellent service. The wonderfully rich and varied French cuisine has been the main inspiration for the menus ​​​​​​.


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Café Parlotte

French wine cafe with a daily 3 or 4 course menu. They have an amazing selection of wines and champagnes to enjoy beside having dinner here. 


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